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Give Yourself Permission to Pamper Yourself Differently

We all know self-care is important.

Yet it’s easy to fall into a rut, treating ourselves the same old ways. So let’s get creative! If your usual bubble bath and manicure routine has gone stale, allow yourself to pamper yourself differently.

Switch Up Relaxation Locales

Rather than vegetate on the couch, hunt for new ambiance. Light a fire in the backyard fire pit rather than inside. Pitch a cozy reading tent outdoors with pillows and string lights. Or explore a new cute café, tucked-away park bench, or secluded corner of the library to call your relaxation station.

You don’t have to make it fancy, or expensive, but changing things up every now and then is a great way to remind yourself that your relaxing time is special.  Lately, I’ve been turning on the electric fireplace and playing “spa sounds” while I cozy up on the couch with a new book!

Take a Mini Getaway Solo

You don’t need your partner with you to enjoy a hotel staycation escape. Designate at least 24 hours to hop towns solo and devote to YOUR favorite activities at your pace. Sip coffee in bed, people watch with zero distractions, dive into that novel abandoned on your nightstand, or raid the hotel pool all afternoon.

You could also schedule your own stay-cation while sending your family off to their own thing.  Making memories is wonderdful, and important, but I found that some vacations were more work than I wanted!  Once or twice a year, before he passed, my husband would take our kids on fishing trips a few hours away.  Most recently, my mom schedules time to take the kids to her place for a weekend so that I can get a little quiet time.

Schedule Adrenaline Boosts

Balance calming indulgences with exhilarating treats too! Do you daydream about driving a racecar? Zip-lining over a forest canyon? Skydiving out of a plane?! Make time for mini adrenaline adventures that ignite your spirit. You deserve to feel that childlike rush of excitement.

Of course if you are not into the more exciting adventures, grab a friend and do something relaxing that you enjoy.  A cup of coffee at a local spot, a spa day, or a single dance class can be just enough to engage those endorphins that keep you happy!

The holiday season offers a prime opportunity to hit reset on stale self-care habits. This is your green light to give yourself permission to pamper yourself as you push through the hustle and bustle of the end of the year activities. Shake things up and introduces new ways to recharge. You and that inner spark deserve it!

Let me know how YOU plan to creatively pamper yourself in the comments below!

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