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Make it Pink, Make it Blue… But Who Am I Making It For? A Handmade Business Journey

Lately I’ve been having some mental blocks when it comes to my handmade business. 

It reminded me of when my oldest daughter was absolutely obsessed with Sleeping Beauty, especially the scene where Flora and Merriweather argued over the color to make Aurora’s gown.

Creative chaos is my happy place.

My sewing room is rarely clean.  I mean, it’s workable, and there aren’t piles of trash and debris, but I do tend to have fabric swatches, thread spools, embroidery projects, all stacked in different places, ready to be worked on but then I see a “new” piece of fabric and my mind is off to the races!  I get inspired by so many things, new ideas are never hard to come by, it’s getting the idea into an actual project that requires some finesse.

My rebrand turned into a leave of absence.

I have an amazing business coach.  Not a one-on-one type of coach, but a coach that works with many of us in a group, and this works for me.  There have been so many times I have come forward and said “okay, I’m ready to work,” only to start and then stop again.  For a long time I was blaming a lack of motivation, but more recently I feel like it’s more a lack of connection.

I know what I want to make, and I know who I want to make it for, but this is not exactly the same target audience as my last business.  I feel disconnected from the people that I want to reach when I post to social media.  The frustrating part is, when I feel disconnected, I feel less inspired, which also makes me less motivated.  It’s a funny circle, isn’t it?

Getting back on track.

The best part about having a business coach, and a group of other small business owners to talk to, is they help me get my head right.  I am a firm believer in the “do over” but I also understand that there needs to be a starting point.  So I dug back into my training courses from the very beginning steps, so I could feel more in touch with who I’m selling to, so I could feel more passionate about what I’m making.  It’s a refresh on my rebrand and it’s helping me to feel more connected to the people I want to reach, which inspires what I plan to make.

While we are on this planet, my belief is that we have an endless number of do-overs.  It doesn’t have to be your work or business, it could be anything you aren’t feeling empowered by.  Sure, folding the nth basket of laundry doesn’t exactly light my fire, but purging clothes that no longer fit my style so I can buy or make new clothes sure does!  Getting all the dishes done before I go to bed is not a Friday night party, but waking up Saturday morning to a clean kitchen absolutely makes me ready for the weekend!  So even if you’ve got no clean underwear, or a counter full of dishes, or even need to get back to basics in your business, your do-over is waiting so you can start your next exciting adventure!  Will you make it pink or blue?

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