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What Should I Be Doing vs What I Am Doing…

Every night I make a list of all of the things I want to get done the next day.

I know that I put more on the list than I can actually achieve in one day, but I do it anyway because I know that whatever I won’t get done, I will just move to the next day’s list.  But lately I have found myself moving the whole list day after day.  I don’t feel like I’m crossing anything off or making any progress in my goals.  The idea is that I should be getting up in the morning and going over my “to do” list while having my coffee.  It’s usually quiet at that time, so it gives me a chance to think.  I haven’t actually been looking at my list though.  In fact, most days, I forget about the list until I start to make a new one at night.  So the cycle continues.

I’ve tried micro-scheduling and block-scheduling

Nothing seems to stick.  I read this great book at the start of our school year, The Clutter Connection, and it really opened my eyes to getting better at being more organized and, well, clean, but there are just so many days that I get too distracted.  In all fairness, my living room, kitchen and bathrooms are the most organized they have been in years.  I even made time to get a little bit of baking done instead of letting the bananas on the counter get tossed in the bin when they get too ripe!

There is so much more to do though.

It’s daunting at times.  I had this grand plan to have my garage turned into a beautiful sewing studio.  To repaint my old sewing room and turn it into my new bedroom.  To turn my old bedroom into a guest room with tons of bookshelves so I can move some of our homeschool overflow there.  Goals to redo two of our hall closets and a thorough cleaning in the girl’s rooms as well.  This year has kept me on my toes, so those “to do’s” are still waiting to get done.

If only I could make more time in my day!

In the 80s there was a tv show, Out of This World, and the main character Evie could stop time!  Oh what I would give for a little bit of that…  To stop time, just for a little while and get caught up on all of the things that are waiting to get done.  Once upon a time I would have simply stayed up all hours of the night and just pushed myself to keep going.

So what do you do to keep motivated?  Seriously, I’m looking for tips, tricks and hacks!  Or is it just the one bite at a time thing?  You know the saying right?  “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”

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