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Breakdown in the Dropoff

Some Fridays feel a lot like Mondays...

Do you ever have a day of the week that feels more like a Monday than Monday? This past Friday was the Monday-est Friday and I literally broke down in the school drop off. Well, in the parking lot, but still… Insert ugly cry and all the mom fail vibes because that was me.

What time is it?

During the month of January my business coach is doing free live training on her YouTube channel. I thought the training started at 11 (8 my time) so I knew I’d have to watch the replay as it didn’t fit into my morning schedule. Being a homeschool family I generally have wiggle room in my schedule, however the kids go to in-person classes on Fridays for about 3 hours. I convinced myself that they had to be at school at 10. We got all ready, got to the school, I was super confused why there were no cars dropping off, but it’s the first week back from winter break so I’m like “whatever”. Rush the kids in, again, I’m thinking we have like 5 minutes… I literally PUSH them through the doors and then go check them in… I get to the office and realize, SCHOOL STARTS AT 9:30!!!

Then I break down

We have been with this school for 7 years, I even went to high school with one of the administrators. The teachers know my kids almost as well as I do, we’re like a family. They told me everything was fine and they would personally check on the girls at break to make sure everything was okay. I got to my car and I broke down crying. I texted one of my online BFFs and I let myself emotionally break down. She had my back and calmed me down. I’m not someone that breaks down over this kind of thing, I’m a “keep pushing and don’t let them see you break” kind of girl. But I let myself break for a short time today. I gave myself five minutes (cause I’m crying in a school parking lot, LOL) and then I started my car, I drove home, and I got back to work.

Our community, our village

It is important to me that my community, my village, be filled with supportive people. As parents, we tend to be supportive of our spouse, our children, friends and family, but when do we support ourselves? When do we allow others to support us? So if you had a good day today, I am here cheering you on!!! I am celebrating your good day with you and ALL of your accomplishments!!! And if you had a not so good day today, I am right there with you. I’m giving you a cyber hug and letting you have your breakdown. When you are done, I’m still here cheering you on too!

Love to you all!

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