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Unicorn Hand Sanitizer faux leather vinyl keychain


Carry a little magic: This sweet unicorn keeps your hands sparkling clean


Unicorns & hygiene, a magical combination!

Unleash a sprinkle of magic into your everyday routine with this handmade, machine-embroidered unicorn hand sanitizer holder. Crafted from luxurious faux leather and adorned with vibrant stitching, this enchanting creature keeps your hands sparkling clean while adding a touch of whimsy to your day. Clip it to your bag, backpack, or keychain for easy access to sanitizer wherever you roam. The perfect accessory for unicorn enthusiasts, little dreamers, and anyone who believes in the power of a little magic!


  • One-of-a-kind designs: No two holders are exactly alike, showcasing your personal style or the artist’s creativity.
  • Express yourself: Choose designs that reflect your interests, hobbies, or affiliations.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Ditch the generic holders and carry something truly unique.

Quality and Functionality:

  • Durable materials: Made with care using high-quality fabrics and threads, built to last.
  • Secure closure: Ensures your sanitizer stays put.
  • Convenient size: Perfectly sized for portability, easily attaches onto bags, backpacks, or keychains.
  • Washable: Keep your holder clean and hygienic with easy washing options (see care instructions below).
  • Always within reach: Attach the holder to your bag, backpack, keychain, or belt loop for easy access.
  • Stay organized: Avoid digging through your bag for sanitizer with a dedicated holder.
  • Multiple sizes: Find holders that fit different sanitizer bottle sizes for ultimate versatility.

Thoughtful Gifts:

  • Personalized touch: Show you care with a unique and practical gift.
  • For any occasion: Birthdays, holidays, back-to-school, or just because.
  • Supports small businesses: Choose handmade to empower artisans and crafters.

Additional benefits:

  • Conversation starter: Your unique holder is sure to spark conversations and compliments.
  • Encourages hygiene: Makes hand sanitizer readily available, promoting good health habits.

This faux leather key fob is the perfect gift for a coworker, party favor or novelty gift.  Made from two layers of marine or glitter vinyl that sandwich a layer of stabilizer.

Available in other vinyl and embroidery thread options, please contact me with the color options you are interested in for availability.

All items are made as ordered, please see FAQs section for current turn around time. All items are handmade in a smoke-free, pet-friendly home.

Please feel free to message me with any questions.

Custom items are not eligible for returns or exchanges.  If you receive a damaged item or have any questions or concerns, please contact help@heidimein.com.

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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Sanitizer Size

1 oz narrow opening, 1 oz wide opening, 2 oz narrow opening tall bottle, 2 oz medium opening short bottle, 2 oz medium opening medium bottle


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