Custom Tops

Show your unique style with a custom tank, tee-shirt, or sweatshirt from Heidi Mein.

Offering two types of designs! Screen print transferred and heat transfer vinyl application.

Screen print transfers are ink based, just like screen printing directly on the garment, except the ink is applied to a transfer sheet and then applied to the garment using a commercial grade heat press (cannot be applied with an iron or alternative heat method). The ink lays on top of the fibers, but typically feels smooth and soft.

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a special type of vinyl used specifically for decoration and personalization. The vinyl used for apparel is a special polyurethane that is flexible, soft to the touch and extremely durable. Using a vinyl cutter, a design can be cut and applied to fabric with a heat press. HTV lays on top of the garment and bonds to the fabric fibers. This option can be applied to any fabric (cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, nylon, etc) and can also be applied to any color.

Choose from unisex adult size tee shirt, tank or sweatshirt. Multiple colors available in a wide range of sizes.

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