Give Yourself, and Your Kids, Permission

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we don’t need anyone’s permission except our own. We also need to let our kids understand their permission limits as well. This is how I started telling my kids to be their own nap captain.

I Love Modern Family

I grew up watching shows like Rosanne and Married… With Children. While others probably looked at those families like they were the bottom of the barrel, low class, I found them totally relatable. I understood the dynamic of being raised in a blue collar family. Especially one that also included an unhealthy dose of inappropriate humor. I wouldn’t change a thing about the way I grew up, I like who I am.

Fast forward many decades and I am once again watching Ed O’Neill as a hard working patriarch in a less than traditional family. The show speaks to me. I’m a little bit Claire…

Differing Parental Styles

So there’s this one episode, and without getting too confusing, Claire’s niece (Lily) is running around the house flipping all of the light switches on and off. At one point Claire starts to say “no” and is reprimanded by Lily’s father that they are not using “no” but are letting Lily “be her own nap captain.”

Oh how I laughed!!! I totally got it! Her own nap captain! So like, you just let the kid run crazy until they wear themselves out or hurt themselves. No boundary too wide, right?

Fast forward and Cam (Lily’s father) has his hand stuck in the garbage disposal and Lily is getting closer and closer to the switch! I’m pretty sure Claire has some witty retort about the whole nap captain thing and I thought “yup, that’s me!” But the truth is, I started using “nap captain” to my advantage… *Spoiler alert* I’m pretty sure Cam screams “NO” when he thinks he’s about to lose his hand to the disposal, and I laughed hysterically.

Get in where you fit in

I started telling my own kids they needed to be their own nap captain. Not that they didn’t have to follow the rules or that they were no longer told “no”. They simply needed to learn how to decipher what tasks they could be responsible for!

“MOM! I CAN’T FIND MY SHOES!!!” Okay hun, be your own nap captain and clean that room!

“MOM! I’M REALLY THIRSTY!!!” Okay kiddo, grab a glass and get some water. Be your own nap captain!

It works for me as well… When hubby is trying to tell me what I “should” be doing about a problem (like, I’m just venting dude!) I like to tell him “No worries. I’m my own nap captain, I got this!”

Are YOU your own nap captain?

Here’s the thing, we all have different parenting styles, and I think that is awesome! I want to be able to learn new tricks when it comes to this parenting gig. Being supportive of other parents is key-clutch in all of us being able to share with each other and find what works best for our own family dynamic. So whether you want to be your own nap captain, or whatever else you want to call it, I’m here for it! Got parenting tips, tricks and secrets you want to share? I’m always looking for new ideas!

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